Chris Crinkle is a shop owner and recurring character in the Ephemeral Rift body of work. His main activity is running the House of Tingles, a business which he evidently runs inside a large plastic bag. Like other characters, Chris will present an inventory of tingle-related paraphernalia, referred to as "triggers", to the viewer throughout his videos.


Chris Crinkle is an adult man with a shaved head and light grazing of facial hair. He is seen wearing a light T-shirt in the first and second episodes, and a black leather jacket over a Cool Kids Club member T-shirt in the Peculiar Plastic Pouch Predicament Part 5.




  • Chris is presumably a member of the Cool Kids Club, evidenced by his appearance in a Club T-shirt.
  • Chris is allegedly the twin brother of the Tin Foil Hat Society Guy, who he questions the sanity of.
  • It is common for Chris to produce a drink at at least one point in the video. He is seen drinking a bottle of Virgil's Root Beer and Hooker beer in Episodes 1 and 2 respectively, but not before offering the viewer themselves a drink.