"Oh great coconut beings, from whence you have here to arrive we do not know, but we ask thee to awaken from your slumber and grant us the serenity of mind, body, and spirit that you have brought to this forsaken planet so that our lives may become more enriched so that we may seek and become one with the coconut beings. We ask this in the name of the great almighty coconut. Amen." - The Coconut Prayer

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Gerald (Patient 4782)

Gerald (also known as Gerry and Patient 4782) is the head of the South-East Pennsylvania chapter of The Cult of Calming Coconuts, a self described peaceful cult that's dedicated to performing rituals in the name of coconuts to bring peace, relaxation, enlightenment and enrichment to all beings of all planets. He handles welcoming new initiates through a small worship service.

He keeps two coconuts wrapped in tissue paper in a chamber while they're resting and not being used for worship. When they are needed for ceremonial purposes, they are balanced upon two brass candelabras.

The cult believes that there are extraterrestrial coconut beings and that their opinions and views can be channeled by the chosen people during a ritual.


Gerald wears a light blue dress shirt under a brown hooded robe. He has a silver wedding band on his left hand, suggesting he is (or rather was) married. He has a slightly unsettling grin when nervous or during his heavier delusions.


Gerald is a soft-spoken and kind man. He makes long pauses in between random words for seemingly no reason.


The Cult of Calming Coconuts


  • The Book Filled of Pages with Many Words appears to be Doctor Corvus Clemmons' personal notebook. It's possible that he absconded with it in his time at Arkham Sanitarium.
  • He mentions the existence of The Cult of Peanuts, but it's made no actual appearance in any videos yet.