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The Salesman holding two dominoes

The Salesman or The Trigger Man is a traveling salesman with a briefcase full of tingle triggering items.


The Salesman dresses in a full suit similar to The Collector. He carries a black briefcase filled with items he wants to sell.


The Salesman is on point with what he sells. He has an extensive knowledge of his wares and where they come from. He offers demonstrations of all wares in the most professional way.

Like other characters in his position he has a bit of an unorthodox side. He doesn't ask for our name or address given that he already knows it. He claims to be associated with The Candy Man and even offers to get us a free sammich bag of candy. He claims to have the same supplier as The Candy Man. The Salesman says that Professor Clemmons has employed him from time to time though the Salesman suspects that is just to spy on him and figure him out.



  • It would seem that in the future that the Salesman is involved in, playing cards are now sold individually. He offers us the 5 of spades, telling us the other 51 cards are left to be bought.
  • In the second Salesman video it is revealed the Viewer is in a facility and that Deep one Dave is our neighbor.